Best stroller 2018 – Top 7 buyer’s Guide and Reviews

You’re here because you are looking for best stroller 2018 right? Don’t worry, we got you covered as we spent months trying to figure out which strollers suit most people. We have to admit that choosing best strollers is a hard task. We faced hundreds of products and many brands are competing to take a slice of the pie from this huge on-demand market.

Best Stroller 2018

In our website, we take into consideration many different factors before we list any kind of strollers here. Factors from product reviews, price range, raw materials used to fabricate it, and most importantly getting the feedback from customers who already made a purchase.

So to see what’s good and what’s bad about it. We are writing this article to help you do a very important decision which is getting the right baby strollers for his/her comfort. You will find detailed stroller reviews and buyer’s guide for the new 2018 year.

Let’s not make this introduction any longer and walk you through this summarized table that contains top 8 best strollers 2018

Baby Jogger
35.2 lbs 26 x 30 x 12.5 Latest Price On Amazon
Baby Jogger
18 LBS23 x 38.5 x 40.5 Latest Price On Amazon
UPPAbaby Cruz
21.5 lbs21.9 x 35.2 x 11.1 Latest Price On Amazon
BOB Revolution Flex
28.5 LBS25.4 x 44 x 43 Latest Price On Amazon
Doona Combo stroller
16.5 LBS18.3 x 28.5 x 16 Latest Price On Amazon
Recaro Easylife
15.4 LBS24 x 9.8 x 19.3 Latest Price On Amazon
Thule Urban
23 LBS34.5 x 14 x 21 Latest Price On Amazon

1. Baby Jogger – Best stroller 2018

 Best city strollers 2018

The first that won the challenges and made it in the top number 1 in best stroller 2018 is the one comes from a very known company Baby Jogger. It’s actually an updated version of the old best selling stroller “city select” from the same provider.

It can be reversible with 20 different combinations the seat folds can protect it from dirt and damage, also the all-wheel suspension for a smooth ride. The wheels are large compared to the previous one with a remarkable design the overall look is great and it comes with different colors that you can choose from.

The seat of this baby strollers is 12 inches wide, materials used fabricating this product are higher in quality than their first model. The best part about this 2018 model is the ability to modify it and make it a double stroller by using the second seat for a new child

Weight 35.2 LBS
Quality Very good
Brand Babt Jogger
Colors 3

2. Britax B-Agile 3 – Best Budget-Friendly Stroller


In the second spot we have the Britax B-Agile 3 best stroller 2018 model, this model is for the ones who are running low on the budget as we previously told you that finding a great budget-friendly stroller is a hard task.

That’s why we made sure to list one here and it actually took the second place. this one is very easy to use with low weight and a large basket to store your things. it’s not that expensive so it doesn’t have a cup holder or parent console the very light weight of this one made it possible to push it with ease.

It could be used as a traveling stroller. In fact, it’s the number one competitor to the city stroller we listed above. It’s not perfect for all kind of terrain.

Weight 18 LBS
Max Weight 55 Lbs
Brand Britax
Colors Black, Red, Green

3. UPPAbaby Cruz – Best in Quality stroller 2018

uppda strollers

When it comes to high quality, this stroller is the best. Very lightweight to move it with ease.

The company UPPAbaby made sure to use high-quality materials to create a unique product and great looking like this one. The only thing we didn’t like is the way they added very small wheels as they are not going to fit hard surface in a smooth way.

The most important part about this best stroller 2018 is the breaks and they took care of it with a very fast way to reach them as they are sandal foot friendly. The storage is large and you can add up to 20 pounds to it.

Weight 21 LBS
Max Weight 25 Lbs
Colors Black, Red, Green

4. BOB Revolution Flex – Best stroller for all terrain in 2018

Bob Jogging stroller 2018

Believe it or not, having the best stroller 2018 that fits all kind of terrain is very important for so many people out there. It’s true that there is no best strollers 2018 for everyone.

However, if you are looking for the one that fits many different terrain types. We got it right here, it’s the BOB revolution flex stroller as it’s been rocking the market for many years for a very good price and such important features are added to it.

Very big canopy. It’s very easy to push around due to the lightweight, the first insight you see is a large stroller but you won’t believe how easy it could be moved with an adjustable suspension. This is perfect compared to other similar strollers in 2018

Weight 28.5 LBS
Max Weight 75 Lbs
Colors 3 different ones

5. Doona Combo stroller

Combo Stroller

in the fifth place is the Doona Combo stroller, we made sure to list in this place the double option feature as it can be used as a car seat and also a stroller it’s a good and remarkable combo product which means you can switch from stroller to car seat with ease.

This best stroller 2018 is recommended to parents who live in the city because it helps to keep the baby as safe as possible it’s true that it’s not perfect for every family but a large of high positive reviews coming from people who bought it. If we take a look at the weight we see that it’s 16.5 pounds. No one can deny that it is a light one.

The Doona stroller doesn’t come with storage which is the only bad thing we didn’t like so the solution is just to buy it separately as you need it for carrying diapers.

Weight 16.5 LBS
Max Weight 35 Lbs
Colors 3 available colors

6. Recaro Easylife – Another Budget Friendly 2018 Stroller

model 2018 strollers

We talked in a previous paragraph about a budget-friendly 2018 stroller, this is another one and it’s great with features and high quality. this one is not very light like the other ones because it has all needed features. Very good looking design.

The bad thing we can mention is the use of it off the road where it struggles to move, this easy life has one brake to set, the pedal is on the side of the wheels.

In general, if you want something small and easy to use this would be perfect for you.

Weight 15.4 LBS
Dimensions 35 Lbs
Brand Recaro
Colors 3 available colors

7. Thule Urban – Best Jogging Stroller 2018


It’s a good jogging stroller that is simple and you can use it easily, very maneuverable and it’s light in weight. The seat is very comfortable for the long trip. We totally recommend it to you if you’re in the search for a double duty product for your baby.

Features about this best stroller 2018

The handlebar is adjustable and a good suspension in moving. if we take its price and compare it to other brands. it’s really awesome and even cheaper than full-size option strollers in 2018 This means if you grab this one you will save a lot of money that is not needed to be spent.

This stroller works with different car seats also.

Weight 23 LBS
Wheel size 12″
Max 75 lbs
Dimensions 34.5″ x 14″ x 21″

Final Thoughts about making a purchase of the best strollers in the new 2018 year

Our final thoughts about buying a new products is doing a good research, in our cas the best strollers 2018. You have to read our fully detailed review before you make any decision. Further more, read reviews on amazon and how people are reacting after they bought a strollers.

Especially if you are intending to buy one that you want to last, which means you need to spend money and don’t waste it on something which not good and valuable.

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