Best strollers 2018 – Top 11 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

We understand how hard it can be for the parents to take their kids outside especially if they are having a newborn baby that needs to be carried along the way. That not actually a good option and we as experts don’t recommend even looking for a baby carrier. For that matter, the best option you got is seeking best strollers 2018 which is the real deal you have to look for. By saying so, there are hundreds of old and new brands investing in the baby industry and especially strollers. So Finding one that suits your situation is a bit hard.

Best strollers 2018

But you Don’t have to worry, we got you covered. As we spent months trying to figure out which onesuit most people. Our editors found that Baby Jogger  is the best to go with by the time this review is written and it always going to update if there are going to be new models better than the ones we listed here. We have to admit that choosing best baby strollers is a hard task.

We faced hundreds of products, and many brands are competing to take a slice of the pie from this huge on-demand market. Especially now there are new models from double strollers to even triple ones, which means you can take 3 of your babies with you whenever you go shopping outside or doing what needs to be done.

Best Strollers 2018

In our website, we take into consideration many different factors before we list any kind of strollers here. Factors from product reviews, best price range, raw materials used to fabricate it. And most importantly, getting the feedback from customers who already made a purchase.

Baby Jogger
35.2 lbs 26 x 30 x 12.5 Latest Price On Amazon
Baby Jogger
18 LBS23 x 38.5 x 40.5 Latest Price On Amazon
UPPAbaby Cruz
21.5 lbs21.9 x 35.2 x 11.1 Latest Price On Amazon
BOB Revolution Flex
28.5 LBS25.4 x 44 x 43 Latest Price On Amazon
Doona Combo stroller
16.5 LBS18.3 x 28.5 x 16 Latest Price On Amazon
Recaro Easylife
15.4 LBS24 x 9.8 x 19.3 Latest Price On Amazon
Britax Affinity
25 LBS23.8 x 28 x 40 Latest Price On Amazon
Thule Urban
23 LBS34.5 x 14 x 21 Latest Price On Amazon
The summer Infant stroller
24.8 LBS31 x 25.5 x 39.5 inches Latest Price On Amazon
Delta Children
18.7 pounds37.3 x 29.6 x 31.2 inches
Latest Price On Amazon

So to see what’s good and what’s bad about these strollers. We are writing this article to help you do a very important decision, which is getting the right one for the new year 2018. For his/her comfort. You will find detailed reviews and buyer’s guide for the new 2018 year.

Let’s not make this introduction any longer, and walk you through this summarized table that contains top 10 strollers in 2018.


Now let us walk you through the best strollers

1. Baby Jogger – Best stroller 2018

stroller reviews 2018

The first that won the challenges and made it in the top number 1 in stroller reviews is the one comes from a very known company Baby Jogger. It’s actually an updated version of the old best selling “city select” from the same provider.

It can be reversible with 20 different combinations the seat folds can protect it from dirt and damage, also the all-wheel suspension for a smooth ride. The wheels are large compared to the previous product models with a remarkable design the overall look is great and it comes with different colors that you can choose from.

The seat is 12 inches wide, materials used fabricating this product are higher in quality than their first model. The best part of this 2018 model is the ability to modify it and make it a double stroller by using the second seat for a new child

Weight 35.2 LBS
Quality Very good
Brand Baby Jogger
Colors 3


  • the best in 2018
  • High quality
  • Possible to transform to double
  • Reversible seats  



  • High in Price

Why it's the best?Important Notice

Why it’s the number one stroller

We put it number one because we believe it deserves it due to the unique features  has started from the possibility to transform it from a single stroller to a double one or you can even make it a triple stroller, the possibility also to reverse the seats so your little baby will sit facing you so they won’t get annoyed if they don’t like people that much or if it’s their first time out using it. With an auto lock option for you to carry it in an easy way and lightweight. The only thing that parents may not like is the price, which is very reasonable in our opinion as we believe you get what you pay for.

The time we did our review does cost more than $700 and that as we already said is a bit high, but don’t worry we will list a budget-friendly stroller on our top 10 list, you just need to keep ready our reviews we tested.

Baby Jogger Company Background

baby jogger 2018 strollers

We added a background on our reviews to give a simple idea of the company you are going to purchase the product from in our case it’s the Baby Jogger company is a multinational stroller designer, they are inspired by their children and that’s how they started their huge business.

The reason they are so successful because most of them are parents and they know exactly what a parent needs. For that reason, they made it to number one best stroller. The company started in 1984 when the first jogging went out to solve one of the problems that most active parents had at that time. the question was back then if it’s possible to keep jogging with your baby around. The company took it beyond that  that could keep pace with them such as the ones that fold into the hand and adapts to the growth of any family.

We would like to add a video from the channel Firstcrydotcom and thanks to the video owner she showed how to assemble simple . It’s true that it’s not the same we did the review as we are trying to do a video on you can assemble every one we listed here. But you can still get an idea of how to assemble one. All rights reserved to Firstcrydotcom and we do not own any of the content of this video.

2. UPPAbaby Cruz – Best in Quality stroller 2018

best in quality strollers 2018

When it comes to high quality, Very lightweight to move it with ease.

The company UPPAbaby made sure to use high-quality materials to create a unique product and great looking like this one. The only thing we didn’t like is the way they added very small wheels as they are not going to fit hard surface in a smooth way.

The most important part about this top strollers 2018 is the breaks and they took care of it with a very fast way to reach them as they are sandal foot friendly. The storage is large and you can add up to 20 pounds to it.

Weight 21 LBS
Max Weight 25 Lbs
Colors Black, Red, Green


  • High Quality
  • Car seat supported
  • Good lightweight


  • Small wheels
  • Expensive



Why the UPPA stroller?

Having the UPPABABY on our list is not a coincidence, we do our reviews in a deeply analyzed market. It is a great one and it stands when folded, which is a good feature that many strollers don’t have. It includes the possibility to put your kid in front of you or rear-facing seat with a one hand multi-position recline. And it’s compatibility with the car seat of the mesa, We totally do recommend it. Because of the price, and the good features this has. Please also make sure to read all our listed 2018 reviews here.

It’s really a high quality product and very light in weight when you try to move it.
UPPA Company Story

uppababy 2018 strollers

The main thing that the famous UPPABABY company focuses on is innovation, that made them stand out from all their competitors. Making high-quality strollers that fit the most parents needs. They are in the industry of fabrication strollers since 3 decades, and that is a really good time for getting experience.

The most feature the company focused on is the lightweight, where they always try to make their new baby product lighter. And most importantly easier to use. Furthermore, safety is the priority. Because the first thing that parent looks for is the safest option, the stroller must have it. A great customer service, we really love this company and we listed their product here for a purpose which is quality.

3. Britax B-Agile 3 – Best Budget-Friendly Stroller

Strollers reviews 2018

In the third spot we have the Britax B-Agile 3rd edition great stroller for 2018, this model is for the ones who are running low on the budget as we previously told you that will do our best to find a good one that is great and full with features for parents. We did a deep research and we found it and believe me when I say Finding a great budget-friendly stroller is a hard task.

We made sure to put in the second place. this one is very easy to use with low weight and a large basket to store your things. it’s not that expensive so it doesn’t have a cup holder or parent console the very light weight of this one made it possible to push it with ease.

It could be used as a traveling stroller. In fact, it’s the number one competitor to the city we listed above. It’s not perfect for all kind of terrain.

Weight 18 LBS
Max Weight 55 Lbs
Brand Britax
Colors Black, Red, Green


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to move
  • The weight is light
  • Reversible seats  


  • Hard to use

Why Britax?Low price

Why Britax?

The main reason to put it number two on our strollers reviews 2018 is because of the price compared to the features, many parents are running low on money and they want something that could help them without affecting their pockets. If you think you are one of them, this one fits you best. The Britax Agile  is a one hand fold which makes it very easy to close in a matter of seconds. The factors that effect strollers is the weight and this one is very light, you can move it with ease due to the aluminum frame used to fabricate it. Another important thing, the one click and go system to connect a car seat easily. Only three wheels and a large under seat storage

The low price this cost doesn’t mean it’s a bad one, most parents think that getting the highest price possible will give them the total satisfaction and that’s totally wrong. Every parent must know that it differs from one to other.

Baby Jogger Company Background

stroller reviews 2018 Britax

The Britax company is a worldwide known as the childcare product including strollers and car seats, the industry of creating a baby related product is full of the competition. The Britax maker started back in 1938 manufacturing safety equipment for cars. The Britax is considered in the last year one of best strollers you can have very positive reviews due to the low price and all features it has

4. BOB Revolution Flex – Best stroller for all terrain in 2018

best Jogging strollers 2018

Believe it or not, having the best yet in 2018 that fits all kind of terrain is very important for so many people out there. It’s true that there is no great strollers for everyone.

However, if you are looking for the one that fits many different terrain types. We got it right here, it’s the BOB revolution flex  as it’s been rocking the market for many years for a very good price and such important features are added to it.

Very big canopy. It’s very easy to push around due to the lightweight, the first insight you see is a large  but you won’t believe how easy it could be moved with an adjustable suspension. This is perfect compared to other similar strollers in 2018

Weight 28.5 LBS
Max Weight 75 Lbs
Colors 3 different ones


  • Good on off-road
  • Very easy to move
  • Amazing Jogger



  • Only for 8 months+ babies

Why it's the best?weak point

The flex stroller review 2018

the flex revolution is listed on our review website because it’s suitable for all kind of terrain. And it’s for those who like to run and take their babies with them. It’s considered the best jogging  fabricated yet, even if it’s already two years since this one showed up on the market. The price is very important to many parents and for the stroller, we listed here it’s budget-friendly. Also very easy to move around when you take your infant out, it’s a large with a weight that is not similar to the size. Which makes it easy to move and hold, our editors totally recommend it. And make sure to also read the reviews on their Amazon page, so you can solve some problems with the buyer before you make a purchase.

A lot made a mistake when they bought the stroller they didn’t look at the age of the baby which can suit perfectly the infant, so it’s only for 8 months old and more. If you have a child that is younger please read our top rated by our editors stroller guide for 2018 completely.


This another Product from the Britax company which is a great manufacturer, we already talked about it check it at the top of the article.

5. Doona Combo

2018 best Combo Strollers

in the fifth place is the Doona Combo , we made sure to list it this place because of the double option feature. As it can be used as a car seat and also a stroller, it’s a good and remarkable combo product. Which means you can switch from to a car seat with ease.

it’s the best double stroller in 2018 is recommended to parents who live in the city because it helps to keep the baby as safe as possible. It’s true that it’s not perfect for every family, but a large of high positive reviews. In fact, coming from people who bought it. If we take a look at the weight we see that it’s 16.5 pounds. No one can deny that it is a light one. So you can move it around with your child in it with ease.

The Doona doesn’t come with storage which is the only bad thing we didn’t like so the solution is just to buy it separately as you need it for carrying diapers.

Weight 16.5 LBS
Max Weight 35 Lbs
Colors 3 available colors


  • possibility to transform it to a car seat
  • One of a kind
  • Use it with easeJogger


  • Considered heavy as a car seat
  • High in price

Why the Doona Combo?Two in one

The top reasons why the Doona Baby is in our list

We listed this baby’s product for different reasons and factors, after testing and reading online reviews. This one it the first of it’s kind when it comes to changing from a car seat to stroller. Furthermore, by buying the combo  you are getting two products with one price. Some would think that it’s high in price and doesn’t worth it.

They don’t actually understand that it’s a double-use and instead of buying a car seat alone, why not get two at one very reasonable price. The company won so many awards for the innovation of this specific stroller mostly from the design and the safety options added to it, especially the car seat. They give a two-year warranty with easy to fold and unfold and one-touch brake. The washing part makes big problems that you can’t take their fabric away. This one got it covered as you can take it all away. And wash the high-quality fabric with ease.

You have to know that you can convert this to a car seat, for that reason the price is a bit higher than normal other strollers around the market.

Doona Company

Doona is a new company fabricating strollers models that can be used for different tasks. By creating innovative products that could compete with the old known big brands on the market. They won different awards for safety and beautiful designs. The doona doesn’t only fabricate, actually, they are creating new all in one daily bags that are already rocking the market. Their main purpose is creating innovational new products.

6. Recaro Easylife – Another Budget Friendly 2018 Strollers

best 2018 stroller brands

Did we talk in the previously listed about a budget-friendly 2018 stroller right? well, there is a reader who emailed us to list another one that could fit people with low income or the ones looking for a normal that doesn’t cost as much as most great ones. it’s true that this is budget friendly one But it’s great in features and with high-quality materials used to fabricate it.

It’s not very light in weight and you when you first get it you may notice that it’s a bit heavy. Not like the others we listed here as we mostly focused on a very important factor when buying a new stroller which is the weight. The reason this one is heavy Because it has all needed features. The design, in general, is Very good looking with simple touches. It has one brake to set and the pedal is on the side of the wheels.

On our website, we don’t only show the good and best parts. In fact, It has a downside. Many parents claimed that using it off road was not that good, it struggles to move easily.

In general, if you want something small and easy to use this would be perfect for you.

Weight 15.4 LBS
Dimensions 35 Lbs
Brand Recaro
Colors 3 available colors


  • Stroller and car seat at the same time
  • One of a kind
  • Use it with easeJogger



  • Considered heavy as a car seat
  • High in price


Why the Recario Easylife?Low price

This stroller Could suit almost evrey parents

We get a lot of emails from our readers thanking us for listing all sort of type strollers. This one is listed here because of a mum of 2 children wanted a new very high in the quality that is suitable for most parents.

We directly got in our mind as we are experts in this field, the Recaro Company. They are well known for creating these that are low in price and high in quality. It is perfect for 6 months old baby to a 3 years old one. When we read reviews on Amazon we found one complaining of durability after 2 years of use. In our opinion that’s a great time and durability actually depends on different factors not only on the materials used in fabricating.

It is considered by our reviewers one of the best low price baby strollers that is durable and suitable for most of the parents.

Doona Company

The Recaro company is a German-based exactly in Kirchheim Unter. They have specialized in manufacturing baby-related products. Mostly strollers and car seats. it was first found on 1906 by Wilhelm Reutter by building bodies for limousines and then for other car big brands like Volkswagen and Porsche. This means how good they are and how great quality their Product could be. We totally loved their baby stroller and we recommend it to those looking for a great one with such a good price.

7. Britax Affinity Base – Best Stroller for Newborns in 2018

2018 best stroller for newborns

Another great stroller from the Britax company, we consider this one as a great choice if you are trying to buy it for a newborn baby it can stay with your baby from an infant to his/her childhood.

When the baby is getting older there is an option added to it which makes it fit perfectly as he/she is growing. There is another option That this best stroller 2018 have is the ability to us by bassinet. But unfortunately it is not included and you have to get it separately. You have the ability to put your baby car seat in both directions rear and facing. As it all depends on the behavior of the baby.

The preferable weight of child that can sit on it is up to 55LBS. Also, there is a handle for your comfort. The stroller has a low price and if you are in need of a product that comes from a trustable brand like the Britax and with great features, you’re good to go. The company is focusing on creating strollers that are suitable for their car seat and bassinet. So if you already have one of them it will suit this one. the canopy can protect your child from the sun and it’s oversized

Weight 25 LBS
Min weight 5 LBS
Max weight 55 lbs
Type best for newborns


  • Good weight to move easily
  • Suits best for newborns
  • Low in price
  • Good design


  • Bassinet not included

Why Britax AffinityNo Bassinet

One of the best companies creating stroller is the Britax company, a lot of people sent us queries asking about which is the best stroller for newborns babies and we had to add this one on our list. It comes from one of the leaders on the market. With great features and lightweight to use it easily. Also, it can grow up with your child. The only downside is the absence of a bassinet as you have to buy it separately.

If you are willing to buy the Britax Affinity you should know that they don’t offer a bassinet with it.

8. Thule Urban – Best Jogging Stroller 2018

Top strollers 2018

For those looking for to take their baby with them while running. This is a good jogging stroller that is simple and you can use it easily while doing what love as a spot mother or father. The stroller is very maneuverable and it’s light in weight so it could move easily. The seat that holds the baby is very comfortable made with high-quality fabric for and it’s perfect the long trips. We totally recommend it all those looking for best joggings stroller that is double duty with a good price and great performance.

Features of this best stroller 2018

The handlebar is adjustable and a good suspension in moving. If we take its price and compare it to other famous brands. It’s really awesome and even cheaper than full-size option strollers in 2018. This means if you grab this one you will save a lot of money that is not needed to be spent on other strollers that are only overpriced just because a big and old brand is making them. One of the good things we like about it is the possibility to use different car seats on it.

Weight 23 LBS
Wheel size 12″
Max 75 lbs
Dimensions 34.5″ x 14″ x 21″


  • Great for runners
  • High-quality wheels
  • Very easy to use and move
  • Lightweight


  • Long

Urban Jogging Perfect for jogging

Considered as Amazon’s choice

This particular product is actually Amazon’s choice! We are been very honest with our visitors and readers. The price is not the only factor to know the stroller has good features, and this is a great proof since Amazon is considering this one their choice.

The Urban Glide Jogging is less than $300 is perfect for people who love the sport and running. Those who can’t leave their baby home while jogging on their favorite path. It’s very light stroller with movable wheels for wash and adjustable sunshade. Furthermore, a very large storage and a magnetic peak window.

The Urban is perfect for taking your baby while doing running on your best road.

Doona Company

The creators of the Urban are actually a Group called “Thule Group” that has many different brands related to home and outdoor. When we talked about their market share, we can say that the Thule are leaders in creating outdoor and bags. Not the only in the USA, but also worldwide. Which make it very trustable for buying the strollers they make. The company founded in 1942 by the Thulin family in Sweden. They were specialized only in developing roofs and accessories for the automobile.

9. The Summer Infant – Best Stroller under $100 for 2018

Best stroller under 100 for 2018

The summer infant 3d flip stroller is a light one with different features available. The ability to put your child in front of you so if the infant would be able to face you while taking them out. We can say even if the price is low compared to the ones we listed that this stroller brings two main great options, light and durable.

The lightweight stroller ability is to move it with ease especially those who have probable back pain or not able to move heavy things. Making the light depends more on the design which we liked a lot even the material used are high quality. In general, if you are looking for the best baby stroller that is under $100 for the 2018 year, this is your best choice.

The only downside we don’t like about it is the low storage basket which small that could not fit everything you want to take with you

Weight 24.8 Pounds
Min Weight 5 pound
Max Weight 50 pounds
Dimensions 31 x 25.5 x 39.5 inches


  • Ligh weight
  • Good canopy
  • Flipable seat
  • Wheels with lock


  • Flimsy cup holder

Why the summer infant baby ?Durable and light

Durable and light-weight stroller

We have been asked if there is a good stroller with as low as $100 or less that could be good in features and durable. The Summer infant 3Dflip is a great choice if you are in need of a product with less price and durable. The unique design makes the baby able to face you or the real world out there. All depends on the infant behavior and the decision of the mother on how to put the baby. The aluminum frame made it very light to move it outside while your baby in with ease.

We faced different products in the strollers category, as our reviews are based on different factors selecting the top for your needs. In this one, we focused on the durability and the lightweight as it’s these two have more priority than others.

10. Delta Children City Street – Best Affordable double stroller

Best affordable double stroller

double strollers are a great option for parents who have twins or even two small kids so instead of going for two strollers the best decision to go for is finding a good affordable that suits your children’s age.

So the delta street is a great option to go for. It’s under $100 by the time doing this review it folds really quickly with a lightweight to move and handle. A cup holder for the parents and it takes upto35 pounds per have to assemble it the first time you have it and it’s not that hard to do. with all these features and it’s still budget friendly. Furthermore, it’s comfortable and children will like it.

It has two storage bags. One of the problems people face is buying the wrong big double stroller that can’t actually fir trunk space or at the house where they don’t know even where to put it. despite the fact that this stroller is a good financial investment for you it also doesn’t take that much of space and it fits great in the trunk of the car. The assembly is very simple just push the wheels into their place

Weight 18.7 pounds
Type double
Child  Weight 35 pounds for each child
Max child weight 75 pounds


  • very light double
  • easy to assemble
  • with umbrellas
  • Affordable
  • two in one


  • provides bad sahde

Why the Delta children stroller?Bad shades


Lightweight, double, and affordable

Our experts really recommend this best double stroller 2018 for people who are looking for affordable and easy to move that is perfect for twins. It’s easy to put together and the only thing that could be bad is the shades that it provide which is not that good. the kids will like the comfort and the parents will love the bag and cup holder it has and the ability to move it around with ease. In general, it’s a choice for kids weight less than 75 pounds which is the max that this can hold.

The shades are not as perfect as parents will think when buying it, so if shades are very important for you especially in the summer we don’t really recommend you buy it. The best stroller you can have for your twins in the city select which cost actually more and it’s more durable. But take more space.

11. Bugaboo Donkey – Best Convertible stroller for 2018

best convertible double stroller for 2018

This last stroller on our Top 10 list is high in price, that is why we left it last. It’s the best convertible you can have in 2018 with a luxury design and remarkable performance on different terrain. it can convert from a single to double so even if you have one baby you should get this one, especially there would be alway a second baby. Which means you will actually save money instead of buying a stroller for each one.

It can transform with an easy few clicks. the seats are 11 inches even if it’s transformed. One of the other features every parent and mom always ask for is the storage. In our case, this stroller has a large side basket and a bar handle where you can hang stuff like diapers and baby clothes. it includes bassinet which is great for a newborn baby. there are 3 different version when you want to get the convertible double .

It’s true that is overpriced which is the only downside we didn’t like and that is why it’s at the bottom of our list. However, it’s still a great choice and a luxury stroller that you won’t think of buying a new one in the next few years.

Weight 29 pounds
Type convertible double 
Child  Weight 37 pounds 
Color Blue


  • Perfect for all terrain
  • durable
  • easy to move
  • great design 


  • Too much money to give away
  • Heavy compared to strollers we already reviewed

Why the Delta children ?Overpriced

Double stroller, luxurious design & Durable

Despite many reasons you may find online that this stroller doesn’t worth the price that they are offering, we at our website write honest reviews and we absolutely love this one due the great features company is providing from the ability to transform it to a ready double that is perfect for all kind of terrain to the luxurious design and durability because of the materials and great fabric used to manufacture this product.

it’s true that  has everything a mother needs, however, the price is really high and doesn’t suit all people especially the ones with a low budget. there are many top double strollers we listed above on our list that you can check to find which one works best for you,

How to buy the right stroller in 2018

Our final thoughts about buying new products are doing a good research, in our case the best strollers 2018. You have to read our fully detailed review before you make any decision. Furthermore, read reviews on Amazon and how people are reacting after they bought a stroller. Especially if you are intending to buy one that you want to last, which means you need to spend money and don’t waste it on something which not good and valuable.

Thank you for visiting our website, come back soon as we will provide more product reviews for the 2018 year.

Story of strollers

old baby strollers

In many years back transporting babies outside of the home, always was something to worry about. A lot of different methods people choose to use. It depends on the time and cultures, the most famous best way everyone is using now is the stroller. Also, there are some are still using backpacks and baskets, and even bicycle carriers.

The stroller is a word that Americans use which mean a pushing chair or buggies as the united kingdom citizen would like to call it. This is the latest models parents are using to move their babies around. it’s a chair that holds a baby up to 3 years old, facing the mother of the father. As new companies try to invest in this industry, a lot are trying to make it better by creating all types of best strollers available. Like creating a twin model and a triple model.

We strongly advise you to not be in a hurry and try to directly to buy the first one we listed here, Please take a deep breath and take your time to fully read ou top 10 stroller reviews  2018. To make sure that it suits your need.

Our top 10 best list is updated as soon as we find out that there is a better product out there. a lot would ask why we listed different stroller types here. We would answer, simply Because there is no stroller that is best for everyone out there. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.